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Hedmarktoppen folkehøyskole
Boks 1070
2305 Hamar
Phone +47 62519370 / fax 62519397
Hedmarktoppen folkehøyskole
Boks 1070
2305 Hamar

Hedmarktoppen Folk High School is similar to a Christian college, but awards no formal college credit. It is a year where you can focus on spiritual and personal development and make friends for life!
School Term 2017-2018
August 28th – May 20th
The opening ceremony is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday, August 28th.

Minimum Age Requirement
Students must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the school year. Average age last year: 19.5 years.
• Room, board, and tuition in a double room: 66 900 NOK (full year)
• Room, board, and tuition in the brand new studios at Hedmarktoppen Terrasse – double room: 66 900 NOK plus an additional 6 900 NOK (full year)
Additional fees for books and materials several trips with class range from 11 400-14 300, depending on course of study.
Additional costs for foreign travel in the spring will be 26 400

The deadline for paying school fees for fall term is September 20th and the deadline for spring term is January 15th. A deposit of 1.900 NOK will be required upon acceptance, and must be paid along with confirmation of your acceptance (additional cost). At the beginning of the fall term, deposit of the 15.800 – 18.700 NOK (depending on course of study) is required as well. This deposit will be put into an account to cover costs of books, class activities, copying costs, community costs, etc. Charges for special class trips abroad during the travelling period in the spring will be added later in the year. These charges will range from 20 000 NOK to 22 000 NOK.

Remark that we demand the appliers to speak and understand some Norwegian language to be accepted as students at Hedmarktoppen. We can recommend some online course for the language studies. All the teaching will be in Norwegian.


Norwegian citizens may be eligible for a stipend/grant or loan through STATENS LÅNEKASSE. Financial aid may also be available for students from other countries. Please check with your respective country’s’ state-sponsored financial aid office.

Transportation Discount Card

Students can receive discounts by Norwegian Railway and other public transportation systems in Norway. Please be sure to include two ID-sized photos with the Application to get a student card.

A Drug-Free Campus!

Use of alcohol and narcotics will result in automatic expulsion from Hedmarktoppen. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas outside.

Hedmarktoppen’s majors:
• Dance
• Discipleship and Music
• Discipleship and Sports
• Sports and Outdoor Living
• Art and Design
• Music
• Extreme Sports
• Downhill and Snowboarding

Core Classes (hours per week in parentheses)

• Science of Faith (3). Here, the central subjects of instruction are the Bible, evangelism, mission, church life, God, and God’s call. Students are introduced to Christian truths and ethics.
• Physical Activity (2).
• Science of Society (2). In these professional lectures, students will discuss and explore current issues in today’s society.
• School Choir Ensemble (2). Repertory consisting mostly of gospel and contemporary Christian music with some instruction in a cappella music. Instruction in music technique and voice lessons is provided as well. The school choir has an opportunity to go on three weekend trips throughout the school year.

The school offers a variety of special activities in some of the following areas:
• Floral Arrangement
• Dance
• Knife making
• Christmas Workshop
• Stage Lighting and Set Design
• Bible Study
• Sports Activities
• School newspaper
• Volleyball

Recreational Opportunites
• Sports Activities
• Billiards
• Ping-Pong
• Music
• Jogging
• Fitness Programs

Theme Day

A discussion topic will be introduced on most Saturdays as a theme for the day. Themes cover a variety of subjects ranging from questions about the world and society to a student’s experience on a personal excursion. Students have the opportunity to be involved in discussions and lectures about the chosen topic and attend four lessons altogether.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly worship meetings are held for students and faculty. Students, teachers, and guest speakers generally lead these meetings.


Donations for Hedmarktoppen are greatly appreciated. If you wish to contribute to this school, please use bank account 6161 05 38060